Are you eligible for medicare ?

If you need healthcare coverage, Community Health may be able to help.

Medical bills can pile up, whether you are uninsured or underinsured. That is why, through their Cares programme, Community Health ensures that you are fully insured.

I see that as a win-win scenario; it's a win for the person who doesn't have health insurance because they'll get it, but it's also a win for our community.

They would then assist patients in obtaining a plan under the Affordable Care Act. These are the requirements.

So, whether they are eligible, have a small wage, are HIV positive, want to be on Prep, or are Hep C positive, we will find them a health coverage plan and insure them for the duration of their participation in the programme.

So if those who need to see their own general practitioner, or if they need to see a specialist, if they are having problems elsewhere, or if we really need to find them a heart expert or to control their diabetes, or whatever, especially any mental issues that they may be experiencing or want to talk to someone, this is employees' committed insurance.

When a man found himself without medical insurance and with kidney stones, the programme changed his life.

And I incurred about $20,000 in expenditures, which was terrible, and I wouldn't have the money to pay for it.

Beadle qualified for the programme because he was by now enrolled in the Prep programme. He believes the programme is critical to your general health.

Once you get sick, becoming able to use telehealth or go in and see a doctor is something a lot of people may overlook, thinking, "Oh, I thought I was fit and active, I don't need health care coverage really that badly," but one afternoon I needed this and I didn't get it, so having it now adds an extra layer of protection for me.

By Medicare | Jan 03 2022

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